After you’ve touched the divine.

How could you ever go back?

From darkness comes light.

Out from inside the black.

The mystery continues

As it always does.

Unfolding parallels.

Right before your eye.

Infinity is attainable, if only you reach for the sky.

The bouncer at the bar prays the rosary by the hour.

Just for good luck the faithful act.

The hooligans come out at sunrise.

Boy, are they hungry.

They carry knives.

Not because they want to.

They just want to survive.

Tattoos on their necks and faces.

They’re barely legal.

Dead to the world.

Still our people.

We know they exist but we don’t give a shit.

I met a mother looking for her son.

He went missing as they often do in that line of work.

I told her he’d show up.

Her eyes glistening in pain.

She could tell I knew the drill.

We smiled at each other as she disappeared into the night.

The bouncer at the bar prays the rosary by the hour-

Wolf comes out in the moonlight.

Shine so everyone can see.

Wolf howls when the moons bright.

Coexisting with the trees.

Symbiotic relationship.

Forged under thought.

Tempered by breath.

Controlled by the Mother herself.

Vanish into the understory abyss.

Gone with the wind.

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

Wishing we could go back in time.

For just one more moment.

Nothing is right about this.

Wishes never spent.

The genie is in the bottle.

You left a legacy.

Of smiles.

Of good times.

Of moments.

We light candles in your memory and poor out shots of Hennesy.

One for the ages.

Never to be forgotten.

Always to be loved.

Kings never die.

Kings never die.

Kings never die.

Hours pass.

Time heals all.

No lines apply unless you assign them.

That which is infinite cannot be defined.

Yet, she still keeps running.

Ticking away.

Tik Tok, Tik Tok.

No time for small talk.

No time at all.

Condensed into a millisecond.

Surrounded by four walls.

Sacred in every moment.

Only to take another form.

That which is born has begun.

Never to end.

Never to end.

To infinity and beyond.

A calm wolf is still a wolf.

You can’t heal the body you don’t love.

A little bit of faith can move mountains.

With some help from above.

Only dreamers have dreams that come true.

The divine is infinite.

Expandable beyond view.

From here to there to I and I.

The seeker runs to where the diamonds lie.

Only to find he has had everything all along.

The word universe means one song.

United as if separated by something other than perception.

We all want the same things.

Love and connection.

Love and connection.

Love and connection.

The one you loved who got away.

Never to return.

You thought you had it all figured out.

Only to realize you were the cause of the pain.

They say it takes two to tango.

Now you’re dancing alone.

Travelling far and wide.

Only to realize you’re running from yourself.

No matter where you go, there you are.

Not everything is so black and white.

I’m a black sheep.

Little bo peep.

Don’t do well in the heat.

I melt at the feet.

De-vel-op-ing me.

Like the 8 millimeter.

But I prefer the nine.

Militant by design.

We’ve been fed that.

Go mad. Lose it once or twice.

Give Bren back.

Lost control trying to…

Ketamine dreams.

Tearing at our seams.

From everything we believe.

Dancing like cranes upon marshmallow floors.

Projecting through the astral plane.

Flying with the stars.

Deep inside a galactic reality that most will never know.

Wishing this will never end.

Tonight the world is ours.

Obsessed with being obsessive.

Can’t figure me out.

Kind of, sort of, manic depressive.

Pick a different line.

Play a different progression.

It still sounds the same.

Yet, a different ride altogether.

Remember the rain?

I like the way she feels.

Rarely do I get wet.

Yet I flourish in stormy weather.

Remember the wind?

I like the way he whispers.

Blowing snow dunes in the darkness of winter.

Passing soundscapes within the trees.

Remember the third hit?

That which will bring you to your knees.

That which dissolved all that you believe.

Don’t forget.

Don’t ever forget.

Brendan Terranova

Sharing my story with the world. I think love is the answer.

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