Convinced we’re not enough by society.

We need to be better, faster, stronger.

To what end?

We need to be more efficient, more persistent, more consistent.

To what end?

Buy this and you’ll become this.

Just one more rep.

Lacking in functionality.

You inorganic robot of a human.

You sick system fed by greed.

I have unlimited resources.

Yet nothing that I need.

Because everything is inside.

But I can’t find the key.

How do I get in?

Back inside of me.

Which in the end, is you.

We’re all one.

That’s the scary thing.

That’s why darkness implies light.

And fat implies thin.

That’s why the moon rises as the sunsets.

So on and so forth.

It’s thy great mystery.

The only way to solve for x is to give in.

Give way to everything you understand.

Give way to everything you believe.

Give way to all the pressure.

Just let it be.

You’re but a drop of water in the wild unknown sea.

Infinite by design.

Never-ending whether you’d like to or knot.

See how your hands are tied?

This isn’t a game unless you possess the die.

Are you ready to roll?

Reaching new-found states of ecstasy.

That which you never come back from.

That which has been sought after since the dawn of time.

Drink Soma from the holy grail.

Walk the streets of Babylon with a tiger by your side.

The life of Pi.

Unsolved as if there ever was hope.

Preach to the man in the high castle.

Wait for good news from the pope.

Kneel before greatness.

Never bow down to some fake shit.

Just keep on rolling.

One day at a time.-

-To infinity and Beyond- B.T.2020



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Brendan Terranova

Brendan Terranova

Sharing my story with the world. I think love is the answer.